Maintain Your Sanity During A Job Search

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Pharmacists are in high demand-right?

Depending on your local economy, that may or may not be true. All change, especially when it comes to employment, can be a stressful period of time. The uncertainty of your career can take a toll on anyone’s nerves. To combat these feelings, always remember that people are drawn to energetic, positive and outgoing people…especially your potential boss.

Below are a few tangible and intangible concepts to reframe your anxiety:

– Are you feeling discouraged? Keep a keychain of a pet or a loved one. Bring that keychain to each interview. When we see these pictures normally, our first inclination is to smile. Always bring some form of professional folder with you to the interview, that way you can take all of your keys off your key chain (extra car keys, other photos, etc.) and put the keys on the desk of the person who is interviewing you and have those pictures only inches away.

Not only will having these “loved ones” near you provide you with some relaxation and possibly a smile, the interviewer is likely to see your pictures, loosen as well, thus the flow of the conversation will be more natural i.e. human being to human being instead of employer to potential employee.

– It’s Their Loss, Not Yours – If you’re really doing your work while looking for a job which means bettering yourself by reading pertinent topics, possibly starting a professional blog or something else creative to make yourself more viable to employers, the reason you didn’t get the job is because management was off. They’re human as well. We all make mistakes. Eventually, the right employer is going to be spot on and you’re going to have a great career.

– Are you going for a position against people who are older than you? You can always buy a pair of glasses (even if they are not prescription) as glasses, with a thin frame, make you look, on average 3.3 years older. As a young business owner who staffs executive level candidates, I had to buy some myself. Granted, I could afford a very designer pair, but this is not necessary.

However, next time you go out to dinner and a bar with your friends, look at your tab. What percentage of a business investment did you just forego by not staying at home and reading about job search techniques? This should justify the cost.

– Focus on what you did correctly during the interview. In the book, “The One Thing You Need To Know,” by Marcus Buckingham (a must read during the job search), he makes a great point by telling us that we focus on improving our weaknesses too much while the time could be spent furthering our strengths. Focusing on your weaknesses can make you feel stressed out, bored and / or depressed.

Think of when you took the SATs. Did it help much when the teacher pointed out your weaknesses, then made you do exercises you hated? How much did it help? Do you think that the time could have been better spent upping the subjects you liked and were good at? If an interviewer is going to focus on your weaknesses, then it’s probably not the best job for you.

When one of my research analysts started here, I asked her what she did not like to do. She told me that she hated the phone. I don’t think she’s taken a call since being employed at my company.

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Ken Sundheim runs KAS Placement, a sales and marketing staffing agency specializing in helping both U.S. and International mid to large size firms form sales teams from hiring the executive level sales manager to helping recent college graduates transition to a business development role. On his free time, Ken is a public speaker and likes to read non-fiction.

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